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Bkool Pro Trainer Turbo
SizesWheels from 20" to 29"
Best forTraining, Pre-race warmup
Not forKids bikes
FeaturesQuiet, realistic road simulation, easy setup
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Need a turbo trainer for indoor training and pre-race preparations? Rent the Bkool Pro Trainer Turbo

  • Smart: Controlled by the simulator, the trainers recreate what you would encounter on the road, like hills, drafting, and even wind. They also adjust to power targets during workouts.
  • Silent: Bkool trainers are incredibly quiet. For example, they produce 68 dB of noise at 30 kph. A conversation ranges from 40 to 80 dB.
  • Super Stable: Their design, with telescoping legs, ensures stability at all times, even during the most intense sprints.
  • Easy to set up: Plug & Play trainers. No calibration required. The wheel connects to the roller and adjusts to any size (from 20” to 29”). Simply plug and pedal!
  •   Our knowledgeable, professional staff aims to deliver the highest-grade customer experience.
  •   Quality, brand-name rentals purchased new from distributor -not second-hand purchases or trade-ins.
  •   Each bike is registered uniquely in our system in order to be maintained perfectly according to the usage it has.
  •   All rental bikes and equipment regularly inspected and serviced by professional bike mechanics in our shop.
Front & Rear Lights Free (standard equipment)
Helmet Free (standard equipment)
Key Lock Free (standard equipment)
SPD/Look Pedals +€3,00 per bike
Rear rack +€3,00 per bike
Panniers +€3,00 per pair
Repair Tool Box +€3,00 for each
First Aid Kit +€3,00 for each
Special Cargo equipment +€3,00 per bike

Note: The bikes shown are indicative. Specific bicycle models within each category may show variations in availability as well as feature differentials, after communication all details will be specified.