rent carbon bicycle wheels
Corima Aeroplus
TypeRacing Wheels (Road)
Best forRacing on tarmac
Not forGravel, Dirt
FeaturesLightweight, fast rolling
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Sprint faster and slice through wind easier.
45mm deep NACA profile produces low drag in varying conditions.
25mm external rim width is optimized for 25mm tire for low drag and predictable crosswind steering.
Patented elliptical spokes further enhance aerodynamics.

Climb and accelerate quicker.
17mm internal rim width and 25mm tires offers low rolling resistance and a smoother ride.
Instant Drive 360 freewheel gives you a fast and smooth ride.
Wheelset weighs only 1690g.

Sharp handling, precision cornering.
12K carbon rim flanges boost stiffness for sharp handling and pedaling efficiency.

  •   Our knowledgeable, professional staff aims to deliver the highest-grade customer experience.
  •   Quality, brand-name rentals purchased new from distributor -not second-hand purchases or trade-ins.
  •   Each bike is registered uniquely in our system in order to be maintained perfectly according to the usage it has.
  •   All rental bikes and equipment regularly inspected and serviced by professional bike mechanics in our shop.
Front & Rear Lights Free (standard equipment)
Helmet Free (standard equipment)
Key Lock Free (standard equipment)
SPD/Look Pedals +€3,00 per bike
Rear rack +€3,00 per bike
Panniers +€3,00 per pair
Repair Tool Box +€3,00 for each
First Aid Kit +€3,00 for each
Special Cargo equipment +€3,00 per bike

Note: The bikes shown are indicative. Specific bicycle models within each category may show variations in availability as well as feature differentials, after communication all details will be specified.